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An interactive Powerpoint revision quiz + printable question sheets answers included covering Topic 1: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table in C1 GCSE Chemistry.

Including 84 multiple choice questions (72 normal + 12 extra challenging) and 2 answer sheets. Perfect as a self progress check or a class test.

Bundles containing this resource:
80 Homework Sheets Ultra Bundle GCSE Chemistry (AQA)
14 Sheet + Quiz Atomic Structure Mega Bundle GCSE
4 Worksheets + 72 Question Quiz Bundle

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Atomic Structure

What’s inside?

  • 1 interactive Powerpoint
  • 1 quiz with 84 multiple choice questions spanning 7 pages
  • 1 copy of the quiz with highlighted answers
  • 1 simple sheet with answers
    The quiz is a Microsoft Powerpoint in the ppsx format.
    This quiz can also easily be printed out and given to students. These files are in the PDF format.

Which content does it cover?

  • This practice sheet covers all of Topic 1 of Chemistry – Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table.
  • It’s designed for both GCSE Triple Award Science (separate sciences) and Double Award Science (combined science) students as it contains 12 extra questions at the end for GCSE separate sciences.
  • It’s optimised for the AQA Grade 9-1 Specification 2020
  • It is also suitable for lower ability students with a diverse level of questions.

What are the questions like?

All 84 questions are multiple choice with 4 possible options (A, B, C, D). This makes it easy to mark and quick for students to complete. Many questions can be completed quickly and require recalling crucial information about topic 1. A lot of questions also put the ideas into context with a few examples which require students to apply their knowledge.

About Rocket Sheets…

Rocket Sheets are a collection of learning resources that look great and contain quality content. This quiz follows the AQA specification closely to ensure students are learning things that they will need to know for the exams.

Feel free to contact us via Twitter and we’ll be happy to sort out any issues.

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Age 14-16

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