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A free and complete list of all 135 AQA Physics definitions for paper 1 and 2. (aqa a level physics definitions) Includes printable flashcards + an interactive Powerpoint quiz + blank sheets to fill in. These definitions follow the AQA A level Physics specification closely and have been updated for 2021.

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What’s inside?

  • 1 complete list of all 135 definitions (suitable for flashcards)
  • 1 interactive Powerpoint Quiz
  • 1 blank worksheet to fill in the definitions
    The quiz is a Microsoft Powerpoint in the ppsx format.
    This definitions list and the blank definitions can easily be printed at transformed into flashcards. These files are in the PDF format.

Which content does it cover?

  • These definitions cover the whole A level course, including AS level excluding the option topics in paper 3.
  • It’s optimised for the AQA A level Physics Specification 2020


  • (23/4/2020) Created resource
  • (24/4/2020) Updated flashcard layout

Who is it for?

This is a great revision resource for students who want a list of all the definitions that they need to learn in one place, in one list. The quiz is great for students to check the gaps in their knowledge and it works great on phones as well!

Teachers can also use this resource as a quick quiz to test definitions as a starter or plenary. The blank sheets could also be used as a homework/home learning task to check the progress of students.

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About Rocket Sheets…

Rocket Sheets are a collection of learning resources that look great and contain quality content. This quiz follows the AQA specification closely to ensure students are learning things that they will need to know for the exams.

Feel free to contact us via Twitter and we’ll be happy to sort out any issues.

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