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Revision homework sheet bundle for every Biology topic

94 PDF sheets with answers that cover the entire GCSE AQA Biology specification (including Triple).

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Chapters included:

Cell Biology
Diffusion, Microscopy Practical, Exchange Surfaces, Active Transport, Cell Specialisation, Culturing Microorganisms, Osmosis, Stem Cells, Binary Fission, Microscopy, Mitosis and Cell Cycle.

The Brain, Human Endocrine system, Auxins, Plant Hormone Uses, Controlling Body Temperature, Homeostasis, Controlling Blood Glucose, Structure of the Eye, The Nervous System, Reaction Time (Practical), Vision Defects, IVF and Infertility, Reproduction Hormones, Contraception, Controlling Body Water Levels.

Waste Management, Sampling Organisms (Practical), Biodiversity, Decomposition, Sustainable Fisheries, Communities, Land Use, Levels of Organisation, Adaptations, Cycling of Materials, Ecosystem Populations, Biotechnology, Food Security, Trophic Levels, Biomass, Biotic and Abiotic Factors, Deforestation and Global Warming, Impact of Environmental Change, Maintaining Biodiversity.

Infection and Response
Viral Diseases, Development of Drugs, Plant Diseases, Communicable Diseases, Plant Defence Responses, Fungal and Protist Diseases, Human Defence Systems, Bacterial Infections, Vaccinations, Monoclonal Antibodies.

Plant Cell Organisation, Food Tests, Cancer, Transpiration and Translocation, Transpiration (Practical), Enzymes and Digestion, Heart and Lungs, Enzymes, Health and Disease, Cell Organisation, Blood and Blood Vessels, Cardiovascular Disease, Enzymes Practical, Non-Communicable Diseases.

DNA and Inheritance
Evolution, Alleles, Theory of Evolution, Cloning, Speciation, Genetic Inheritance, Variation, The Understanding of Genetics, Resistant Bacteria, Genetic Engineering, DNA and the Genome, Animal Cloning, Classification of Living Organisms, Sexual and Asexual Reproduction, Meiosis, Selective Breeding, Evidence of Evolution, Inherited Disorders, DNA Structure.

Factors Affecting Photosynthesis, Exercise, Photosynthesis Rate (Practical), Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration, Photosynthesis, Respiration and Metabolism.

Each topic has 1 worksheet and 1 answer sheet.

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Age 14-16