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8 Sheet Topic Bundle
This homework bundle contains 16 sheets in total: 8 worksheets + 8 answer sheets giving you 50% extra for the same price! These cover all of GCSE Chemistry Topic 3: Quantitative Chemistry.

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Topics Included

  • Relative Formula Mass
  • The Mole
  • Conservation of Mass
  • Limiting Reactants
  • Concentrations
  • Gases and Concentrations
  • Percentage Yield
  • Atom Economy

This bundle covers the whole of Chemistry Topic 3: Quantitative Chemistry. It’s designed for both GCSE Triple Award Science (separate sciences) and Double Award Science (combined science) students. It’s optimised for the AQA Grade 9-1 Specification 2020

Resource Set:

  • Each has 1 Revision/worksheet with a variety of different questions
  • Each has 1 Answer sheet

Each worksheet has an optimal layout for a typical classroom lesson. For example, the short starter exercise introduces students to the topic whereas the ‘Main Stage’ develops their understanding.

Question types:

  • Label the diagram
  • Order the statements
  • Complete the statements
  • Gap-fill
  • Questions
  • Maths Calculations
  • Balancing chemical equations

Feel free to contact us via Twitter and we’ll be happy to sort out any issues.

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Age range

Age 14-16

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