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6 Topic Bundle πŸ“¦
This bundle contains 6 worksheets each with an answer sheet. The worksheets cover all of GCSE Biology Topic 4: Bioenergetics. 🧬 🌱

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Topics Included πŸ“‹
β€’ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis
β€’ Photosynthesis
β€’ Photosynthesis Rate (Practical)
β€’ Exercise
β€’ Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
β€’ Respiration and Metabolism

Each topic comes with… πŸ‘€
βœ” A worksheet with a variety of questions.
βœ” An answer sheet which has the answers filled in.

Which content does it cover? πŸ“š
This bundle covers all of GCSE Biology Topic 4: Bioenergetics.
It’s designed for both GCSE Triple Award Science (separate sciences) and Double Award Science (combined science) students.
It’s optimised for the AQA Grade 9-1 Specification 2016 onwards but has been updated for 2022.

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